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This web site is dedicated to all adults with Asperger's Syndrome and to those who love them and seek to understand more about our different abilities.

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A.J. Mahari is a woman who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 40, over 11 years ago now. A.J. shares her experience and insights in the articles below.

Aspergerís Syndrome, Disability or Different Ability? Differently Abled - Not Disabled

Living In Another World

 Asperger Lostness  So Many Paths
 The Indivdual and Asperger's  Building Bridges

Touchstone Life Coaching

 Facing Asperger's  Asperger's Experience
 Coming To Terms With Asperger's  Awakening To Loneliness
 Continued Awakening  Much More Than Loneliness
 Grief Storm  Continued Grief and Growth
 The Gate of Self Acceptance  Holidays and The Power of One

  • The Roar of Silence
  • I Am A Question

  • The Legacy of Asperger's Syndrome - Being Diagnosed in Adulthood

    Is There An Impact On Adults with AS from the story, quest, and journey of Jenny's McCarthy's Memoir, "Louder Than Words: A Mothers Journey In Healing Autism"?

    More Articles Written By Ms. A.J. Mahari

    Being Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome as an adult 26 Feb 2004
    Working To Come To Terms with Asperger's 2 May 2004
    The Challenge of Relationships In Adulthood and Aspergerís 23 Sept 2004
    Diagnosis of Aspergerís Syndrome In Adulthood 31 Oct 2004
    Aspergerís Syndrome, Disability or Different Ability? 27 Nov 2004
    Reflections on an Asperger Diagnosis In Adulthood 30 Dec 2004
    Real Freedom is Living Outside the NT Box 11 Jan 2005
    The Pardox of Social Impairment and Profound Social Disconnectedness 1 Feb 2005
    Difficulty Expressing Emotions Doesnít Mean We Donít Feel 1 March 2005
    Do Aspies really feel love for others? 12 April 2005
    How Should NTís Treat Those With Aspergerís Syndrome? 22 May 2005
    Function Versus Dysfunction 27 June 2005
    Reality of Asperger Diagnosis In Adulthood 31 July 2005
    Asperger Community? 31 August 2005

    All articles listed above, were written by and are © Ms. A.J. Mahari 2004-2009. All rights reserved. These articles cannot be re-produced, re-printed (in any form of media - including on line) without the expressed written permission of A.J. Mahari. If you wish to include an article from this index on your web site please write to A.J. at and when permission is granted please link back to the articles at this location as opposed to re-producing them on your web site, again, unless you obtain permission to do so.

    If you quote from an article of mine please do reference back to the entire article and this site with the quote. Thanks - A.J.

    Books On Autism/Asperger's

    A.J. Mahari has an ebook and an audio program - revealing, insightful, and educational inside out first person information about her experience with Asperger's available now.

    Purchase A.J. Mahari's Ebook - "Asperger's Syndrome In Adulthood From the Inside Out" $10.99

    Purchase Inside My Asperger's Experience $12.99 separately or you can purchase it below with A.J. Mahari's ebook.

    Purchase both A.J. Mahari's "Inside My Asperger Experience" Audio Program and her "Asperger's Syndrome In Adulthood From the Inside Out" Ebook $20.99

    "In this audio program A.J. Mahari shares her experience of finding out about Asperger's Syndrome and her journey of facing it and going deeper within to find its meaning and purpose in her life. Mahari's self-discovery in her "Asperger Experience" is a shining example of the endurance of the human spirit and is an up-lifting and inspirational look at the struggle and quest for self-understanding and self-acceptance from the inside out and in her own words." - Donna J. Verderskeet, Ph.D.

    This page is © Ms. A.J. Mahari 2001-2010 and was (moved from my Soul's Self Help Central Site January 2005

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